Help: Are you running Rhino V5 and a Quadro graphics card?

This is John Brock from Rhino Tech Support

If you’re running Rhino V5 SR6 and a Quadro graphics card I need your help to determine the extents of a crash problem.

We’ve been getting scattered reports of crashes in Rhino from people running Quadros with drivers from September 2013 and older. The crashes were elusive to repeat reliably.
We recently had two users with Quadro K5000 cards that could repeat the crash doing a default setting CageEdit on an ellipsoid.

Updating their drivers to the current ones (from November 2013), and making an Nvidia Control Panel settings change has eliminated the crash.
BTW - The Nvidia driver update wizard lied about current drivers. It’s not reliable.

If your current drivers date from before October, can you please try the CageEdit? This may crash your Rhino so don’t do this in a real file.

If it DOES crash
1 - Update your drivers from here:

2 - In the Nvidia Control Panel - 3D Settings - Manage 3D Settings - Global Settings tab - Change Global presets to: “Workstation App - Dynamic Streaming”

3 - Please send me the details of your Quadro card.

It would also be useful to know if it didn’t crash with older drivers. I’m trying to determine the extents of the problem.


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I have a K2000 in my laptop with 320.92 drivers from mid-September… I make an ellipsiod, CageEdit with bounding box and all other default settings (Enter, Enter, Enter…), then pull cage points - no crash here. I do not have Dynamic Streaming chosen either.

I have a K4000 at work in my workstation, will try tomorrow.


Hi John,

Quadro 4000 on driver 320.92 (October version I think).
No crash with cage edit.

However a few months ago I had a string of nvidia driver crashes that seemed to point to overheating. I installed Msi Afterburner and discovered that the card was running at around 95 deg C and that was at idle! Yikes!
A good blow out of everything and using Afterburner to change the fan settings has prevented any further occurrences. Card now runs at about 75 deg C which is much less nerve racking.
Not sure of that was the culprit, but worth mentioning.

Cheers, Steve

I have a Quadro FX 3800M with the driver date of 10-28-2013.
I did the cage edit same as Mitch and no crash. I don’t have dynamic streaming set also.

No crash here with a Quadro 2000 (not K), driver date 1-31-2013, V5 SR6. I also have a machine with a Quadro 4000 (also not K), driver date 12-29-2012, which did not crash, but that is on V5 SR7. I did like you said and made an ellipsoid, then used CageEdit > BoundingBox, everything else default, yielding 64 cage points, which were then dragged around to deform the ellipsoid.

I used a Rendered viewport; not sure if that’s what you’re looking for. For what it’s worth, I checked on the 2000 machine, and it was already set to use “Workstation App - Dynamic Streaming”; switching it back to “3D App - Default Global Settings”, I don’t notice any change in behavior.

No crashing with CageEdit here, either. I’m still running Nvidia 311.35 (3/8/2013) on a K2000D, 64 bit Rhino on Win7. Using the 3D App default global settings.

no crash here.
driver date:11/11/13
driver version:

control panel settings for global presets set to: base profile

Rhino Version 5 SR6 64-bit
(5.6.31028.18305, 10/28/2013)

It’s actually just a Quadro 4000, not a K4000… Even older drivers, 320.00 from looks like April (probably should update), however in this one I did have Dynamic Streaming enabled… No crashes here.


Also have a Q4000 version running here, no crash

Hi John,

Over here I have had sudden and inexplicable crashes also the last few months during a big project.
Sometimes it was in a Scale1D operation or a mirror. As I was very busy in this project I didn’t took the time to send crash reports.
Anyway, over here no problems with the CageEdit test.
My card is Quadro 3000M with the latest drivers.
In thirteen years my Rhino has never been so unstable.



Quadro 4000M
Driver Date: 10-18-2011
No crash performing the test.

OK, thank you all very much.
I’m relieved.
It seems to be a very specific bug limited to the K5000 cards and that older driver.
Thank you for poking around for me.

Quadro K5000
Driver Version:
Driver Date: 08-30-2013

No crash performing the test.

This support page has the best detail we have on this ongoing problem.


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I am planning to buy a computer with NVIDIA Quadro K2000 on board. However, due to the problems that other Rhino users report with ongoing Quadro cards I need to rethink what to buy.

What would be the best alternative ?
Or maybe the problems with Quadro cards are already solved ?

Nvidia is just now becoming aware of the problem. There is no way to guess if and when a fix will be released.

Have a look at the “Holomark 2” thread. There are some interesting details coming out about different system setups and graphics cards.

Personally I’m running a Nvidia GeForce GT 750M. It’s not fast, but it’s reliable.

Haven’t had an issue with my card for a few months now. Seems pretty stable.

When buying a new laptop with desktop graphics card now, what are your preferences?
Are Quadro cards worth the investment? What about the P3200?
The Quadro card speed test by is incomplete without comparing GTX cards to my point of view.
I like the Lenovo P72 design, but its only offered with Quadro cards.
Like all professional business laptops.
Don’t want come with a gaming laptop into clients meetings…
I think this one is also an option:
Price wise it’s almost the same with the P72.

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