Rhino crash, please advise

Hi Everyone,

Im about to start work with Rhino 5, I just bought / completed my computer however I experience a crash every couple of minutes when doing simple tasks.

Here is my machine:
Windows 7 Professional 64bit
Intel Core i5-4460
Nvidia Quadro K620 2GB.

I had the newest drivers for Quadro which was 340.84, I also checked previous Quadro driver - 340.66 with the same result, many crashes.
According to Mcneel help, I changed 3D settings for Workstation App - Advanced Streaming, and Power management mode for Maximum performance. I also selected Rhnoceros as program to customized in Nvidia control Panel.
Nothing has changed, I have no idea what to do now so Im asking you for help… I will be greatfull for any advise.
Thank you

Please take a screenshot of the settings in Options - View - OpenGL and post it back here. That may have some key information we would need to help with this.

Here it is, when ‘‘Use accellerated hardware modes’’ is not ticked it shows Intel® HD Graphics 4600, not my Quadro card. Uninstalling it doesnt help as well.


Try removing the second two option check marks, leaving only the “Use accelerated hardware modes” selected.
Then close and restart Rhino.
See if that works any better.

Good luck

I left it blank, restart computer but still the same unfortunetely…
Command Boolean difference and it crashes.

As a temporary test, go back in and also remove the top check mark for the first option.
Again close and restart Rhino.
Then see if the Boolean difference crashes Rhino.

Yes, it crashes as well. Usually on boolean difference command but as I said Im new to Rhino, and Im using only simple commands from RhinoGold.

OK. That means the crash has nothing to do with your video drivers as you suspected.
You were off on a wild goose chase.

Turn the Accelerated hardware modes back on and send us enough of your file so we can do the Boolean here. The smaller the file is the better. Please include enough description so we can reproduce the crash here.


The Rhino Crash reporting system should have come up with a Boolean failure.
Assuming it did, did you send in the file and describe what you were attempting to do when Rhino crashed?

Do you want me to send this RhinoCrashDump file here? Its 424 KB only

Not separately no.

Clearly the Rhino Crash Reporting system DID come up.
Did you enter your email address, describe what you were trying to do when Rhino crashed, and clicked on the option to include the 3dm file?

Yes, I just did, shall I wait for any response?

Good, thank you.
It sounds like you have a repeatable example.
That’s better than a crash report.

I’ll ask again…
Can you please send a small 3DM file and instructions that reproduce the crash?
You don’t have to post it here if it contains sensitive data.
Use the file upload tool on the Rhino Support page and send it tot he attention of tech@mcneel.com


I can post it here, no problem becouse it doesnt matter how complicated my model is.
I now made a simple tube 8x6x2, selected a Pave settings, set stones, and did cutters. It crashes when Im trying to remove cutters by Boolean Difference. Nothing complicated. Usually 8 from 10 times fails.
RhinoCrashDump.3dm (424.6 KB)
Hopefully you will receive it.

I changed the file as it was previous, this one is the right one

I just did a Boolean Difference between the tube and the Grouped cutters. No problem at all and no crash
I did run SelBadObjects first.
Rhino griped about a bad mesh but I could not find it. I deleted it anyway.

Try this:
Run Rhino without your jewelry plug-in (RhinoGold, Matrix, what ever it happens to be), and see if Boolean Difference works without crashing in just Rhino.

I suspect it will not crash and the problem is in the plug-in, but that’s a guess since it doesn’t crash here.

I did couple of tests and it seems working now. No crashes whatsoever.
Is there something I can do if its a problem with the plug-in?

Probably not, but let’s finish the test.

Now go back in with the plug-ins loaded and see if the crash comes back.

If it does you’ll know whom to call with your repeatable example.

I made some models with plug-in on and off, and it seems you are right, the problem is with the plug-in as I havent experienced any crash with basic Rhino. Starded to crash, when I turned it on, hovever after a longer time, and I did some '‘boolean difference’'s correctly.
Thank you for your help and time spent!