Frequent Video-Driver-Related Crashes

in the last several months, I have had frequent, unpredictable rhino crashes - with no discernible pattern of action that triggers them. Anything from a complex geometric operation down to a simple file open dialog can trigger the crash. I have submitted many of these crash reports to the Rhino help system, and they have all come back with one of two error codes: “The information in the report indicates the crash was caused by the Intel OpenGL video driver (ig4icd64).” or “NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL video driver (nvoglv64).”

I believe my video drivers are up-to-date. my ig4icd64.dll is version, and my nvoglv64.dll is version What else can I do to troubleshoot this problem?

We’ve been seeing some driver problems from Nvidia for about a year now Our guess is Nvidia isn’t doing a very good job of testing OpenGL 2.0 code calls and instead, focusing on the higher spec levels. It like getting a little water in your gas with only one filling station in town. They’ll get it sorted out eventually.

Your best bet is to download and install the 320.92 driver version from Nvidia. This seems to be the best driver available currently for Quadro cards:

Please note this is NOT the latest driver.

Since you have a Quadro, go into the Nvidia Control Panel - 3D Settings - Manage 3D Settings - Global Settings tab - Change Global presets to: “Workstation App - Dynamic Streaming”

Some of the larger Quadro card have additional power connectors to the computer power supply. If you have one of those models do not use a Y-cable.

We have put these details into a support page with more detail:[]=quadro

Thank you for the prompt reply John - I will give this a try tomorrow.

I think there is something wrong with your link (2/20/2014 9:12am EST). All I get is a blank page in Safari.

(I mean this one:[]=quadro <- this is what it becomes with a copy/paste)

NEVER MIND. Now working 9:17am.

Try it without the “Quadro” search argument. That could be a Chrome deal:

IMO, one can’t put ALL the responsibility on Nvidia…

Wikipedia lists OpenGL 2.0 as having been released in September of 2004. That makes it just about 10 years old… I know you like to say Rhino only needs “ordinary hardware” to run, but let’s make sure it’s recent ordinary hardware and not antique ordinary hardware (and software standards)…

The question is, which would you rather have:

  1. Backwards-compatibility to 2004 so people who have antique computers can still run Rhino, while people with recent OSes and good video hardware will have problems and limitations, or

  2. Forwards-compatibility so that people who have recent OSes, hardware, software, and drivers can run Rhino to its maximum ability without limitations or crashes, while people who have antique hardware may experience problems…


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+1 if that’s the case…

Isn’t that a bit like ONLY blaming Microsoft for not supporting Windows XP any more?

OpenGL 2.0 was released in 2004, and OpenGL 3.0 in 2008. That is six years ago. OpenGL 4.0 was released in 2010 and that is all ready four years ago.

I agree that it is nVidias “fault” but I also strongly mean it is important to move forward. Expecting any other vendor than nVidia to support so old stuff as OpenGL 2.0 is just wishful thinking IMHO.

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