Out of memory / Huge grasshopper file


I am currently working on my senior graduation file, which happened to have a huge exterior shell as a shading device for some of the buildings I have in my project.
For some reason, as I’m designing the shell, I suppose it got way too complex to be analyzed into grasshopper, yet I managed to do the whole structure exactly as I wanted.
Now I’m not sure if this is a valid problem, but whenever I enable the last brep that I want to bake, Rhino crashes and says its out of memory, which is really devastating for me by this time after all the wait I had to endure while its loading for days.
I attached a copy of the file, and I am so sure it will take a lot of time to just open.
If some can help me please by telling me an easier way to do this, or another way to enable the brep and bake it into Rhino without crashing, I would be so thankful.

Best regards.

shading7.3.gh (180.8 KB)

Have you tried baking just portions at a time rather than all at once?

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Finally got it opened. Some notes.

  1. You are working really far away from the origin. This usually makes things run very slow due to floating point calculations. https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/farfromorigin

  2. Pipes are extremely slow geometry. You could try to simplify your curves first (maybe they have not needed control points, try the simplify component). You could also try mesh pipes which are WAY faster. They can be found in this plug-in (i’ll attach the gha here also): http://www.grasshopper3d.com/group/milkbox/forum/topics/mesh-pipe-and-sweep-mesh
    MeshTools.gha (61.5 KB)

  3. A lot of your definition is redundant copy and pasted process. Using the grasshopper the proper way (lists and data trees) will also greatly improve the speed (and the readability) . If you ever find yourself copying and pasting entire parts of a definition you are 90% of the time doing it wrong. Here is a good intro to gh manual. http://grasshopperprimer.com/en/index.html?index.html


Thanks @Michael_Pryor Just stumbled to this comment but I just learned a few thing.

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