Rhinoceros + Grasshopper Continually Not Responding (Looking for help)

I am running a sun analysis through Ladybug in Grasshopper. If I make a simple change in the flow chart that I set up both Rhinoceros and Grasshopper go into not responding. I think it may have something to do with my unit settings in Rhino possibly not working out with the output units in Grasshopper? But I am not entirely sure. The Rhino file only includes about 10 very basic cube geometries, so it should not be an issue of the size of the 3dm file I am working with. I am attaching the .gh file that I am currently using to this Topic, but this is the first post I have made on this forum so please let me know if there is more information I can provide to receive help! Thank you in advance!
Sunlight Diagram.gh (32.0 KB)

Hi Colin -

You should consider posting this question on https://discourse.ladybug.tools/ since not many users here are running the LBT plug-in.

As for the units, legacy Ladybug has always been happiest when Rhino was using a document in meters - I don’t know if that has changed for the LBT.

Apart from that, when the program stops responding, does it eventually come back or will it stay unresponsive for, e.g., a day? When you look in the Windows Task Manager, is there CPU activity?

Hi Wim, thank you for the response and I appreciate you pointing me in the direction of that ladybug discourse!

I’ve read that unit problem you were mentioning with ladybug, that it works best in a meter unit. I know the document I started was in inches, and then I changed it to meters which is when things started crashing for me.

The program will stay unresponsive up until when it will prompt me itself that rhino was unresponsive and to force-quit the program. I cannot even close the program until I get this prompt.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions but I really appreciate the help and if I can’t get things to workout today I will post this in that other discourse.

Thank you!