LOFT: why doesn't work in my case?


(Imen Soussi) #1

I want to close a brep, I made the principale shape ( the vault) and I want only to make the surfaces with join the segments of the base rectangle and the edges of the vault by using “loft” and then join all the surfaces in order to obtain the final shape to calculate the volume by the end,it usually works with me but now i didn’t know what is the problem. any suggestion please.^^

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You didn’t internalize your Geo param:


(Imen Soussi) #3

I’m working on my file and suddenly it is closed and when I open it again it takes from me 1 hour and I doesn’t open, could someone open it and save it with another name, it’s my last chance to recover my work :’(

Caracalla Mai version (367.1 KB)

(Imen Soussi) #4

i made Graft and simplify, what should I do again?

(Michael Pryor) #5

Internalize all data (right click components > internalize) If you have trouble opening a file the first open grasshopper, lock the solver, then open the file. Just looked at your file but it is a bit crazy to trace whats going on. You should use some lists there is too much copy/paste going on.

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Did you open it? please try to save it in a new file and send it to me again,
For the copy paste, I know that they are too much, but i want to go to my purpose than I will try to simplify it later :slight_smile:

(Michael Pryor) #7

Here is the file:Caracalla Mai version (374.4 KB)

(Imen Soussi) #8

thank you :slight_smile:

(Imen Soussi) #9

even when I did internalize data it doesn’t work…

(Tim Stark) #10

Internalize doens‘t change the input. It just restores it, that when you upload your Definition and we download it, we also have your rhino objects without your rhino file

(Imen Soussi) #11

Caracalla Mai.3dm (176.2 KB)

(Tim Stark) #12

No, we don‘t need it when you upload your gh file with internalized data… it‘s like saving the rhino geometry into your gh file :slight_smile:

(Imen Soussi) #13

when i internalize data in a gh file that’s mean that i don’t have to send the Rhino file? right?

(Imen Soussi) #14

but I’m still not having an answer to my problem :frowning:

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Sorry I‘m at work :smiley:

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(Michael Pryor) #18

Your first issue is that you are not using the data tree correct. You pass 4 lists of 1 polyline into loft. Loft needs at least 2 curves/polylines to make anything. So you should weave the data to have a data tree with branches containing the polyline couples.

The second issue is that you have a polyline which its seam doesn’t align (didn’t have the patience to go through your definition to see how that shift occurred) but it creates a twist in one of the lofts. So I added a part (in green) to align the seams.

Join Brep (33.7 KB)

(Imen Soussi) #19

youpi finally it works, thank you @Michael_Pryor :slight_smile:

(Imen Soussi) #20

when i tried it with my case it doesn’t work, :’(
I think that i need to Flip one of the curves