Heart model: Overlap issues on 1 rail sweep

Hi! I’m new here. Been trying to model a simple volumetric heart shape. I’m using the “Sweep 1 Rail” tool, using the 2d countour of the heart as the rail and an arc as the cross-section. However when I do this the cross section overlaps in some places(see pics).

Any way to work around this problem? Am I doing something wrong?
Sorry for the newbie cuestion…all tutorials I have seen don’t mention anything about this issue.

ps. tried with the “Surface from Network of Curves” tool. Put I found it that the rails tool gives much more pleasant results.

Thank You!!!

I usually use RailRev to make hearts. You’d draw a center line in the middle of the heart, and use that as the axis for the rail revolve. Good luck.

You can take this approach for part of this shape, but as you can see the swept curve cannot be large enough that the resulting surface overlaps itself when it goes around the small radius at the point. Sweep2 may work better since you also control the upper edge A RailRevolve as phcreates mentioned is one way out but you may in this case get an undesired near-crease coming from the points as well. You might also think about running the command on a heart shape that is actually sharp at the two locations and add filleting later.

However, I think the best way to get a clean shape is to loft as in the attached file.
HeartLofts.3dm(127.7 KB)


Loose loft worked great! I never thought about using loft that way. Thanks a lot for the sample file.

HOWEVER when I use fillet surface it fails to trim the upper part where the two halves meet.
any suggestions?

Solved using variable fillet!


Give the surface patch command a try. It takes a little experience and trial and error to get a really nice simple and clean result. I made this from a tapered surface extrude (not a polysurface) of the heart shape with auto trim and adjust tangency activated.

Just to add some more advice. You should point edit the patch surface to adjust the shape a little. Then re-trim it and mirror it and create surface blend between the two. If you only need half a heart split the blend surface and delete the two lower half surfaces (or boolean the solid polysurface with an extruded surface).