Sweep 2 rail problem

Hey guys, Can someone tell me why I’m having trouble doing a sweep 2 rail in the attached file? Rails are blue and cross section is red. Thank you:slight_smile:Sweep 2 rail question.3dm (810.7 KB)

one workaround could be using RailRevolve

but I think the problem is too much information on the rails, I think you have to make them by separated rails to avoid self- intersections:

then using few curves you can trim/split the intersectin rails:

but this kind of cross sections with fillets included will lead to intersection problems with each other. I suggest to make the cross section with all the vertices instead of the fillets.

if you remove the bottom segment of each sweep1 as below, you can use Boolean Union after:

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10 years doing Rhino and I didn’t know about Rail Revolve. Thank you VERY MUCH!!