Problem using Sweep 1 Rail

hi guys,

I am wondering if there is anyone who could take a look at my rhino file to offer me some advice so I can clean up my model. I have done a 1 rail sweep, but the resulting surface overlaps and has unwanted “tightening” in certain areas . I need it to be totally smooth and I am not sure how to go about fixing it. I would really appreciate some help with this.

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Hi Christian - there is no file attached, but from your description, I would say that the shape or section curve(s) are too large for the radius of the turns in the rail curve, causing the surface to bunch up around those turns - the solution would be to open up the bends ins the rail to be a wider radius, or make the shape curves smaller.


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Often you can avoid self-intersecting surfaces by using a two rail sweep instead of one rail. Go ahead and sweep 1, then derive two rails from that surface (extract isocurve, or project a line on the surface, or intersect with another surface, or just trace it), and then edit the self-intersecting corners out of the inside rail.

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My advice would be if you’re still having problems. Ask Pascal to have a look at your file explaining your need for confidentiality. He’s helped countless people in the past.

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Thanks for this advice Mark. its a three dimensional form with complex curving, so i dont think extracting the edge will work in this case. unfortunately i cannot post the file here as is it confidential. but I appreciate your effort to help.