Having troubles scaling a facade

I have created a façade that I would eventually like to laser cut, but the problem I am having is scaling it. I’m not sure if I use the scaling cell or if there is a separate line in code I have to add in my script. This is what I am currently working with

. I tried messing with the size of the grid but it ruins the proportions. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

DIGITAL TILE - Screen Conditions.gh (18.7 KB)

Read the error message:

  1. Data conversion failed from Number to Point

The ‘C’ (Center) input of Scale expects a point, not a number slider. Default is 0,0,0 which is appropriate in this case, so just disconnect that ‘Center’ slider.


But why use Scale here instead of adjusting the ‘Size X’ and ‘Size Y’ sliders on RecGrid? By the way, those could be REAL instead of INTEGER?

Ahh I guess I misunderstood the error message. Thank you and the reason why I didn’t change the “X” and “Y” was because it changes the proportions of the created grid. Turning them into squares the smaller they get.

Not if you keep the 7:1 ratio between them. These produce identical results: