Scale and area "Data conversion failed from Number to Point"

Hello, I am doing a triangular paneling, and I am following a tutorial (first time using grasshopper); however, every time I connect my “triangle panel b,” “scale container,” and my “area container,” I receive an error message on the scale connection. I have completed the code to see if I could fix it somehow, but it has been with no luck.

I tried using a simple surface instead of a brep, it work perfectly. Its the 1st two steps of the of “brep” and “deconstructing brep” that is the issue. However, I need to use those tools for the effect i need, so I am not sure what i am doing wrong.

i will also attach the tutorial i am following along:
Parametric patterns Façade |Grasshopper For Architecture Tutorial (

perforated paneling.3dm (72.9 KB) (11.5 KB)

The error message you used in the thread title is telling you exactly what the problem is.

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It is my first time using Grasshopper, so I am still not sure how to fix it as I don’t know what the “point” would be or what my next step would be to fix the problem.

I had changed the initial action from “brep” and “deconstructing brep” to linking “panel b” with a surface, then it worked. But I would like to know how to make it work using the brep. command.

if you have any suggesting as to how, i would appreciate it

Wow. This won’t help you much but Area ‘Centroid’ is a point. :roll_eyes:

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Your Scale node - it’s asking you for the Center (point) and you’re giving it Area. You need to give it the Centroid from your Area component. If a node isn’t working read the help for the node - it usually gives a good enough clue about what to connect.