Scaled the model space - but model did not scale using R6-Win

Hi - looking for help. During the modelling of a house (a lot of hours) I wanted to change the scale units for finer detail. Some how, the grid looks the same, but the actual model is now very small. It seems that the inch on the grid is now a foot on the model. I have limited experience with scaling - please advise on how to re-set to my original scale without losing the model. Thanks.

In Rhino, unlike drafting on paper, the model is worked full size. The scale of output drawings is controlled separately. The Scale command can be used to change the size of the model.

That happens if Scale is used to change the size of the model. The grid is not affected by the Scale command.

It can also happen if units are changed. For instance if you had been modeling in feet and you changed the units to inches but answered No when asked if you want to scale the model then the model will now be the same dimensions in inches it previously was in feet. When units are changed the units of the grid also change.

Use Scale to enlarge the model back to full size. A scale factor of 12 will make an object which was an inch long a foot long.

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Thanks! I selected the objects and scaled all by 12 - this solved the problem.

Much appreciated!