Having Fillet Issues - Pretty New to Rhino

Hello, I am a student and I have been trying to learn Rhino for a bit now but there are still some things that I am having trouble with…

Currently I am trying to make a custom restaurant booth and I need to soften the curved edge to make it look softer like a cushion? I hope that makes sense. I am trying to use the fillet tool but when I do it doesn’t fillet the solid it only makes a new surface… It also curves into itself at the top and it’s not supposed to.

I know there are similar issues that have been solved before on here but like I said I am pretty new and reading those confused me a bit… I think it might have something to do with my curve but I don’t know how to fix it.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

CustomBooth.3dm (178.4 KB)

Your initial curves have a kink where I added a Point.
They are not tangent so the Fillet runs off the rails.

Here’s the results of GCON:

Oh I see… Is there a way I can fix that so the fillet works?

Thank you for helping me!

You could use the Match command, to change the curve to be Tangent matched to the straight line.
Then the rolling ball fillet would have a smooth track to follow.

Hello- please also see


Modeling this in feet at .01 tolerance will lead to trouble as well.

I would greatly simplify the curves, and of course pay attention to tangencies as John points out. lastly the bottom part of the cushion curve hooks in at a radius below the .2 of radius of the fillet that you are trying to apply - that will also lead to problems.

If you leave that lower corner completely sharp and just fillet it with all the others, that should work too.

All that said, when dealing with cushiony shapes, using V7’s SubD tools is the easiest and best way out.