Tangent and Fillet issue

Rhino 64bit v5 sr9 win7
Maybe I’m just being stupid but here goes. The blue line is dupe-edged from the solid. Using the tan,tan,radius command, I can’t get a radius of 6.5 to work. I can only construct it manually. I needed a 6.5 radius fillet on the solid but couldn’t create one much bigger than 1.engine-4 problem.3dm (415.2 KB)

Both FilletSrf and Fillet with radius 6.5 work here. See green layer: engine-4 problem 001.3dm (558.3 KB)
Is this what you need?

Circle: tangent, tangent, radius doens’t work indeed, unless I ProjectToCPlane both curves, not sure why.

This is what I get when using fillet. As for the tangent issue, I checked the z values with ‘what’ and I don’t understand it either. DAMN! I should have said fillet edge fillet problem.3dm (523.9 KB)

instead of using _FilletEdge on the joined surfaces, try exploding them then run _FilletSrf instead.

circle (or arc) tangent, tangent, radius works for me on the curves only if i:
• start the command
• click on the first tangent curve
• enter 6.5 value
• click on the second curve

Hi Tone - FilletEdge should certainly work here and it’s not… I’ll see if I can figure it out - OK, it looks like Rhino does not care for the edges on this object - Try: Explode, RebuildEdges Join, then FilletEdge works. I’ll send this along to the developer for a look.



Thanks Pascal. I had actually worked out a way round the issue before posting anything. I was just concerned that these two very basic things were not working in this instance.