Haunted object

The grey rectangle to the right of my stool can’t be selected, it has no edges and worst of all, if I select all of the other geometry in the file and export it to another file, the mystery rectangle shows up there also.

Any thoughts about what to do here? Is it the ghost of a deceased rectangle come back to haunt me?

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Is it a rectangular light by any chance?

Thanks for that suggestion. It could be that.
When I open the file tomorrow that will be the first thing I’ll check.

You may be right but I’m still not sure what to do about it. I can’t delete it no matter what. Frustrated.

Hi Alex - It’s just a wild thought I had - what about posting the file?


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Thanks for the offer Pascal
I copied (laboriously) each item, one by one into separate files and the haunted object didn’t follow along. Then I deleted the original file so it’s gone now.

I see this fairly often in my Rhino college class. You very likely had a corrupted piece of geometry, but it will not delete with all of the usual methods, including ‘select bad object.’

SOLUTION: Copying the good stuff to a new, empty file seems to be the best method I have found.

TEAM RHINO: Any developments on this issue for V 6?

I believe @enric or @kike had an example of such an object recently and it turned out to be a rectangular light. It could be selected with _SelLight I believe.