Rogue Rectangle

The rectangular surface that is on one side of the object is not meant to be there, it doesn’t react to any click or snap, it’s not on any layer.
It came about when, after a few tries, I managed to trim down a box so that the object would be solid - this one side stayed.
Curiously it disappears when a portion of the object is dragged below the viewport.
I’ve tried shutting down rhino a couple times, restarting my laptop (all up to date) but no such luck.
Any help much appreciated
Thank you,
Object.3dm (849.6 KB)

Hi @rory1
The ghost surface belongs to a very small trimmed surface on the back. The file is - to be honest - a complete mess. Curves don’t line up and the surfaces are out of tolerance and will not join. Start by ungrouping the whole thing and use SelCrv and Hide to get rid of the curves and then Explode the whole thing. Start hiding the main surfaces one by one, and you’ll see that you have a bunch of small surfaces along some of the edges, including an invisible surface on one of the sides, which will only pop up if you ctrl+a afteer hiding all the other geometry. If you untrim it (UntrimAll), it’s actually a large rectangular surface with a really bad trim curve. I suggest you go back to your original curves and make sure they line up and form closed regions - once that is done, it’s mainly planar surfaces and simple lofts and should be easy to make.
HTH, Jakob

@rory1 Purchase a legal copy of Rhino.

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