Hatch scaling when scaling hatch object

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I don’t believe I fully understand hatch scaling, but I am wondering the following.

With model space hatch scaling Disabled, this is what happens when I increase/decrease the scale of a hatch object. The scale of the hatch remains 1.

With model space hatch scaling Enabled, and the hatch scale is set to 1 in the options; when I resized the hatch object, the hatch scale also appears as the same size.

I am wondering/hoping there’s a way to have the following option. When a hatch object is scaled up or down, the user can set it so that the scale of the hatch object increases or decreases proportionally with the scaling action?


Yeah, this has been asked for previously. Right now it is not possible. I have a proportional hatch scaling script (below), but you still have to re-select the hatches whose borders you scaled in a second operation and enter the same scale factor. FWIW.

ScaleHatchPatterns.py (1.2 KB)

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Thanks Mitch,

I use your script very often, but yea, the two processes could be streamlined/combined with an option.

Definitely have limited understanding of how Rhino is coded, but wondering what makes things such as this possible/not possible?


If it can be scripted, it can be coded into Rhino. Basically I think it would just need an option checkbox somewhere that says “Scale hatch patterns when hatches are scaled”.

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