Hatch scaling Problems between model and layout view

Can someone steer me towards a resource to better understand how to reconcile the model scale to the layout scale in regards to hatches?

In my model, I have a shape with a concrete hatch that looks great at a factor of 24. But in my layout view, it is so massive that I can’t even see it, I am seeing the empty space between the items in the hatch. So if I lower the scale down to .3 it looks great in the layout view, but when I go back to model view, that hatch is so dense that it lags my computer. In the model view, it then looks like a solid fill. I

When I go to units and I enable model space scaling nothing happens. When I enable layout scaling, the hatch doesn’t change size, but the text gets out of control large. I don’t know why this is happening and I can’t seem to find answers online.

I really just want to see the hatch in the same proportions in layout view and model view.

Have you exploded your hatches? If so, they don’t auto-scale any more.

Hi Justin -

That sounds like the option to control scaling for annotations. There’s a separate option to control the scaling of hatches on the Document Properties > Hatch page.

Thank you guys, found the checkbox in the hatch properties panel. Thanks!