Hatch sale bug

Model space hatch scale seems to also affect hatch scale in Layout ‘paper space’.
I see this as a bug.
The scale setting is found under “enable hatch scaling” dialogue in document properties

Hello - I think that is working as expected - if scaling is enabled, then zooming in an out on a hatch in a detail draws the hatch elements the same, regardless. If it is not enabled, then the hatch is shown in real units, so to speak - the elements are smaller if you zoom out… does that make sense with what you’re seeing, or am I missing the point?


Hi Pascal,

Unfortunately not.
Don’t forget in the layout you have things that are on the sheet itself and things that are in the detail viewport.
Unfortunately the document properties for “model space hatch scale” also affects hatches on the sheet (not only the detail view).

= bug


Hello - here are two hatches, in layout (left) and model (right) spaces.

Hatch scaling not enabled:

Hatch scaling enabled:

Is that what you expect to see?


Hi Pascal,

Please see attached image.
As you can see the “model space hatch scale” in Document proporties also scales the hatch in layout which does not make practical sense.