Rhino 6 hatch problem

im using rhino for technical drawings, i there is a hatch problem after updating to the latest service release, hatch pattern scaled up everytime i try to do it in a 2d & 1d scale. is anyone having the same problem? it really bothers me a lot, my drawings have like hundreds of different scale hatch pattern.

I see this behavior has indeed changed from Rhino V5 to Rhino V6. In V6 both the hatch size and pattern scale when scaling a hatch object. In V5 the hatch size scales but the pattern scale remains as the original.

In V6, if your hatches are history-related to the curves you made them with, you can just scale the curves - the hatch sizes will update to the scaled curves but the pattern should remain at the original scale.

If your hatches are not history related to the input curves, I do not see a good solution for you, unfortunately. :frowning_face:


this problem still exists even im not recording the history :frowning: and it only happens on my computer. i have another computer which installed V6 the same day the same time, when scaling a hatch object, the hatch pattern always remains as the original.

OK, that’s odd, I only have one machine here to test on, it has the latest service release candidate (6.6.18163.7531, 12-Jun-18) installed, and if I scale a hatch (not the curves that created it) the hatch pattern scales.

hmm, @pascal, what is the expected behavior on this? Was this changed from V5 for a specific reason?

Is there already a solution for this problem? I also use the scale1D function a lot for adjusting hatched pieces of 2d-drawing were i don’t want the hatch to be scaled along with it.
Perhaps we can solve this with an option in the scale function to toggle scale hatch-pattern.

I couldn’t find any closed YT issues that would document an intentional change in behavior from RH5 and logged a new item for this - RH-48448