Hatch scales

Hi all,

I have read several topics about this subject, but am not sure I found a good answer (or I hope there is a better one).

I just installed VisArq 2, after trying the previous version a while back. I concluded at that point that de software was not developed enough to become a big part of our office. I am giving it another shot now.

I just imported the IFC model of the engineer, which looks nice in Rhino. I have been able to give the different objects a hatch, for plans and sections.

If I understood correctly, you advice against using live plans. So I am guessing I put a plan block, in modelspace, that I update when I want to make plots, right?

I was hoping to create several layouts (8 A1’s for the plan, 6 for sections and elevations) in the Rhino layouts.

However, if I add a detail to one of these, the hatch scales get messed up. So modelspace looks fine. The block looks fine, but on the layout, the hatches are scaled with a factor 50, making them invisible. Of course I don’t want a 1:1 print, but a 1:50. How do I do this? Some prints we are making are 1:100, some 1:200 and some 1:500. I don’t understand how I can get the hatches to adapt to this, and I don’t want to change settings, whenever I am printing in some scale.

It seems to me that this is one of the most basic operations, of making a 3D model and being able to communicatie this properly on a drawing. So I hope I overlooked something!

Any thoughts?

Hi @Anja, not really. We advice using live plan and section views in page layouts rather than using the 2D plan and section view objects, for the following reasons:

  1. You always have the last version of the model in the drawing sheets, and you don’t need to care about updating drawings.
  2. You get a faster drawings. Plan and Section views (as it happens with the Make2D command) may take a looong time to be generated if you have a big amount of geometry, or if you have complex objects. If you need to update them, it’s a big time consuming.
  3. You get lighter files. Rather than inserting 20 section views (for example) in the model space (with tons of extra 2D geometry), you can handle that with 20 Detail viewports distributed in different page layouts.
  4. You can print 3D parallel/perspective views (in section or not) directly to vector output. VisualARQ provides the 2D Section and 2D Plan view objects but there isn’t a similar one for 3D views.

Remember that in all cases you need to use the Hidden display mode to print drawings to vector output. The main advantage of the 2D plan/section view objects (and Make2D command) versus “live” views, is that you can export the 2D geometry to dwg. But this is something we will implement for “live views” from page layouts as well in VisualARQ 3.

Saying that, regarding the issues with hatch scale, in Rhino Document Properties, there is an option to “enable” hatch scaling, that will make the hatch look the same regardless of the Detail scale.

This should work fine with VisualARQ objects. If it’s not the case, please send the model to visualarq@asuni.com and we will take a closer look to figure out what is causing the problem.


Thanks for the explanation. I checked the information above, but still have the problem.
I have emailed you the 3D model.