Hatch Patterns Not showing in Vector Printing of PDF; Raster Print, has squished objects


I have an issue with the printing of hatches, when Vector printing is on; it pertains to hatches that are small, and more densely packed, such as sand, or the typical concrete hatch patterns. The first image is from my layout view-port, and the second is of the same area in the PDF.


I don’t have this issue with the Raster Printing, but Raster printing does have another issue, that only shows when the PDF is physically printed, so I am not sure if there is a way to bring about the concern of it here; but I can explain what the issue is. It is in the image below, and I am sorry if it is hard to tell what the issue is, but for some reason, when the PDF is physically printed to paper, there are multiple horizontal areas in the print, that are squashed, or truncated together, causing objects to look as if they are missing, or cut short; this is viewable on the building section, and the Grid Line in the image below. It always happens without fail on PDF’s that have been printed with the Raster setting.

Try looking at the settings panel…and look at the scale the hatches are printing in the hatches tab somewhere it says something about hatches to scale according to the model or to the layout… I apologise if the instructions sound a bit confused but I mostly use the mac version which is a bit different, but has the same problem.
I now can get most hatches to print but not the sand hatch…am working on that one

Hello - can you post a simple file with a rectangle or something that is hatched with that pattern?



Pascal, hopefully Immirzi can help. I do not have the software at this point to try this.

Colby Evans