Ideas for Diagnosing Print Order Issues?

Hi, I wondering if there might be a suggestion for what I should be looking at to resolve a text printing problem I am having?


Printing some simple Hatches with some TextObjects to PDF. The Hatches are on their own layer, as are the TextObjects. The TextObjects are moved ‘out’ from the Hatches, so there is no way that they are ‘behind’ the hatches (I have double checked this several times):

That’s all fine. But when I go to Print to PDF my elevation Layout (in vector mode) SOME of the text is printed ‘behind’ the hatches?

Print Preview in Vector Mode:

Printed PDF with Text ‘Behind’:

Print Preview in Raster, they show back up as they are supposed to be…

And to note: the Text is there in the PDF, if I open up the output PDF file in Illustrator or sim, the missing text is just ‘behind’ the Hatch in the problem cases:

So I wonder what I might try to diagnose / resolve this type of issue? What should I be looking at on the text / hatch objects? Layer? Layer Order? Draw Order? DisplayOrder? Text Style? I really have no idea why this text would be any different than the text just below which prints correctly?

Any suggestions on what I might check / fix on the text to get this to print right?

Thanks very much for any thoughts or suggestions. Example file attached if that is helpful.



  • Windows 11 Home (v21H2)
  • Rhino Version 7 (7.34.23267.11001, 2023-09-24)

Example File:

Hi Ed, thanks, I’ll take a look.
Here, I had to jiggle the annotation style as I do not have your font but other than that it seems to behave as I expect in Print.

InFront.pdf (355.5 KB)

I’m not sure where that leaves us - there is no draw order on the objects that I can see.


thanks @pascal !

oh well - ghost in the machine I guess. I took the file over to my Mac side and now its printing out properly. I still get the same weirdness on my PC side however.


thanks anyway,