Hatch orientation


is it possible to have a hatch always orient normal to the wall in plan views? Please see the attached image. I figured out to set the hatch orientation manually on a per object basis, but this is not feasible due to the work overhead.

E.g. in Switzerland the insulation hatch is what you can see at the center of this wall and it has to be normal to the walls direction.

Thanks for your answer.

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Hi @silvano,

Currently this is not possible in VisualARQ.

What happens on curved walls? Should the pattern follow the wall curvature? Check the following sample:



Hi @enric,

I can see how curved walls are problematic and that with the Rhino hatch definitions a flow of the hatch along the curve would become messy. Revit and ArchiCAD solve it the easy way, by just ignoring the normal constraint on curved walls. Please see the following example:

I know, it is far from perfect, but would do it for 95% of the projects (at least in Switzerland :wink: ).

Thanks for looking into this.

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Is there any new development on this feature? The way Revit does this is quite smart, although around 5 dialogs too deep.


Hi @rheinason,

No, sorry, we haven’t fixed it yet.


Hi there! Any plans on developing this feature? This would be a real time saver, as there would be less need to manually draw the hatches.


Haha, that’s How you know it’s Revit. :slight_smile:

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No news yet on this development, but we will notify it in this thread when we improve this in future versions.

An Additional wish: A “set base” function would be very practical when adding hatches that are based on a Scale value for thickness and a base point to make sure they’re in the right location.


That would be great in addition to orienting the hatch by object.

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how did you achieve the hatch for a curved wall in this example?
In Autocad I use circular array for the hatch line and the wall curves to trim, but that’s very tedious in case the curvature of the wall changes.

Any news on this feature? Is this planned for the 3.0 release?

Hi Roi,
This feature is scheduled to a 3.x version, but I can’t say in time when we will be able to provide it so far.

Hi Francesc, any news on when 3.0 will be available? Are you going to run a open beta?

Hi Roi, no news yet. We will provide a WIP version of VisualARQ 3 in a few weeks/months.