Hatch as a material


I’m trying to use Rhino as my stand alone architectural documentation tool and running into some issues that I’m happy to work around as I love the program. But maybe some have been solved already or can be solved in the future.

One is building a structure and wanting to create simple elevations and sections. I don’t want to render these views, I only want simple line hatches and maybe shadows.

Could l create a material with just vector line work?

Imagine wood siding running horizontally (or vertically). When it’s applied to a surface, it shows as lines. This would make my work so much faster.

I don’t want to do Revit right now, but I’ve used it and I know it does this. Is there a way to possibly simulate revit “families” in Grasshopper? Grasshopper is fun, but it is not easy to generate parametric building materials like Revit and Solidworks work using sketches, offsets and such.


Hi Brennan - there are some procedural textures - Waves in this case, for a basic cross hatch - that might do in some cases. Waves can be tweaked to make stripes at any angle -

Or of course an image file or any texture with repeats set the way you like could be used.


Thanks Pascal. I’m trying to get started with procedural textures in R6 and I can’t even find them in the textures/materials area. Can you help me find them?

Hi Brennan - see if this helps:


I found it but didn’t really get it to work easily. Seems quite a hack to make siding for instance. Would be a great feature to programmatic textures that were easier to make for architecture.