Has export to dxf changed between v5 and v6?

Hi guys,
When I export to dxf in Rhino 5 and then import into Carbide Create it is fine.
When I export to dxf in Rhino 6 everything is jumbled and out of place.

This is a very simple drawing to illustrate. Complex dxf’s look like they have been through the mincer sometimes.
Here is Rhino 5, all fine.

aaaand Rhino6

I have played around with settings and options and can’t get it to work.

Any ideas?

So far the workaround is save as a Rhino 5 doc and export from there but it far from convenient (save, close rhino6 , open 5, export dxf, close 5, open 6 and keep working.

I have used illustrator to export also and it works…but I just payed for the upgrade and want to use Rhino 6.


If it’s possible it’s probably wise to share the two dxf files here, so people who know their dxf’s can see what you see (the carbide guys and girls may also be interested if there is a bug is on their end).

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Sure thing!
R5.dxf (9.1 KB) R6.dxf (9.2 KB)

Just posted on the Carbide forum also

Both files import into Rhino perfectly, in fact, if I import both into the same file, SelDup selects them all as duplicates. So the problem might be on the Carbide end.

As the “default” dxf version changed from 2004 to 2007 in V6, can you try exporting from V6 using an earlier dxf version and see if that helps with Carbide?

Hi - Importing your Kaleideface r6.dxf file into Autodesk DWG TrueView gives me this:

It would appear that the problem lies with Carbide.

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I just got a message from Carbide saying they tried the import in the latest version and got the same results. They are going to look into it. Thanks everyone!!!

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