Harsh shadow with "no" lights on

Hello All,

Why am I getting this harsh shadow when I believe that only the environment should be giving light?
Sun & Sky are both OFF.

12-Wall_Assm_SMALL.3dm (10.9 MB)

If the skylight and sun are off and there are no actual lights in the scene you will be using the modeling lights which you can’t turn off or control. Turn on the Skylight and use the Studio environment like this and I think you’ll get what you’re after. That will make the modeling lights ignored.


AHHH! Thank you Brian, yes that helped immensely.

Now I have a different problem. My perspective viewport (set to Rendered) looks WAY better than my Render View viewport (set to Raytraced). It looks as if there are no materials set in the raytraced image.

Thanks so much for your help,

Your file has changed some since the one you uploaded but I believe the issue is that you aren’t using an image based environment for the custom Reflection environment and that the ground plane is on causing the reflection in the metal frame to reflect that color rather than the environment. You can click “Reset To Defaults” at the bottom of the Rendering panel to get back to defaults to use the Studio environment for skylight and reflection while also setting the ground plane to shadows only.

You’re using a named view too in that floating locked viewport with Raytraced so you’d need to save over that named view too with any changes. If you want the reflection of say the Blur Loft environment which you have in the file to reflect in the metal frame, one approach is to turn off the ground plane and then you’ll see it reflected.


Sorry, Had to run out. Here is the updated file. I’m sorry, but Ive tried what you suggested
with no joy.

Thank you for your continuing help with this.

12-Wall_Assm_SMALL-20220901.3dm (8.6 MB)

Purely informational, but this (see below) is what I am looking to try to get to.

What I want is a studio setup that I can just drag in models and add materials.

Thank you!

The defaults are what I’d start with here and then change the backdrop color to your blue and rotate the Studio environment to taste. I also changed the metal you were using to be Stainless by clicking on it’s color swatch.

Brian, Thank you again. It’s much better with you r suggestions, but I just don’t get why the Rendered setting is giving me a clear plastic exactly what I want and the Raytrace is giving something completly different and much poorer IMHO.


it is due to the reflections that it looks very white. The view angle catches a big white element of the skylight environment. Also, because it is a highly reflective material with an implicit IOR of 1.5 you’ll get that on angles. If you rotate your view you’ll see that the plastic is transparent

Also, if you change the material type from plastic to physically based and then change the IOR to say 1.1 it’ll look much more like the Rendered mode. Rendered mode doesn’t do IOR.

Here I set IOR to 1.1 and cranked up the skylight intensity to 3

WOW, thank you so much, that was a big help.