Gumball aligning to object ok?

Is anyone having problems with gumby aligning itself with an object? I am not seeing any difference in the 3 aligning options. Thanks, Mark sr12

Maybe an explanation of what i’m doing. Have a cylinder representing a gage. It is tilted and at another angle. So it is compound . When I try to algun gumball to this cylinder, not happening

Well unfortunately, Gumball is not intelligent enough (yet) to do feature recognition on anything but the simplest of objects - a line, a rectangle, a planar surface… So it doesn’t really know your cylinder is a cylinder, it just sees it as some arbitrary polysurface, so the “to object” auto-alignment defaults to the same as “world”.


Thanks for the explanation Mitch , I can still relocate it. It just reverts back each time I use it.

Yeah, hopefully this should work better in the next version of Rhino. --Mitch

Mitch, I sure wish I was under your instruction. Could learn so much.

@markintheozarks I run into this problem quite often. To get around it I toggle cPlanes.

Object in perspective and the gum ball oriented to the cplane.

I set the cPlane to the object.

Select the object and then toggle back to cPlane world top.

Using alias this is much quicker than it sounds, only a couple of seconds. Might help you.

Sochin, thanks for the tip. Thats whats nice about Rhino, if a person looks hard enough, there are ways to get things done.