Wish: Gumball Align to Object actually Align to Object

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I wish for Gumball to Align to Object to work on simple polysurfaces objects like a simple box.




Does it not work to set the Gumball to “Align to Object”?


When you create a plane, the Gumball is aligned to it per default, and this transformation (or any you put it to afterwards) is remembered, even across save/load.

Hi Eugen - on a plane, that does indeed work - but the problem arises where there is not a single unambiguous plane that can be extracted from the geometry.


Still, you can just once align the Gumball to any geometry and it will stay that way.
But maybe I’m missing the point. I guess having to align the GB should not be necessary?

Correct - once you modify the alignment, it sticks.