Gumball after rotation


After rotating the blue spheres the gumball shows differently - why is this ? - gumball set to CPlane.

thx Keith

gumball.3dm (951.4 KB)

Also, when these cubes are both selected together the gumball orientation is not as expected - gumball set to Object.

Sq.3dm (36.7 KB)

Hi Keith,

The gumball orientation matches your left image on both spheres after I rotate them together using the rotate command and the lines you provided. I used Rhino 5 SR7 on PC and also checked Rhino OSX build 503. What version of Rhino are you using?

When you have multiple objects selected, the ‘to Object’ orientation will default to the bounding box center. Even when one of the boxes is selected, there are six domains/surfaces it could align to so you may need to relocate the gumball for what you need.