Gumball issue

Hi Guys
Im having this issue with the gumball,
it doesnt remeber the previous number,and have a long list of decimal points.
i have tried :
-making sure my file unit is 0.01
-going in to gumball setting , but i cant find any thing
-system is up to date

It’s a new feature introduced in Rhino 7… if you enter (for example zero) it will align all selected items in the axis…
There is another thread where some people are arguing that this degree of accuracy is not necessary…
But it’s unrelated to the unit / tolerance settings of the model or any other options (i.e. it is baked in by design)

Hi Micky -

If you click on one of the arrows and type a number, the object will move that distance in that direction.
When you then click on an arrow again, doesn’t that same number appear - exactly as you have typed it?

Now, if you first move an object by typing a number and then move an object by just clicking and dragging an object, this last dragging distance is remembered. When you then click on an arrow, that precise distance (with all the decimals) will be shown in that box.

Are you seeing something else?

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oh… so that what the numbers are … ok thank you Wim
i think i didnt understand the function