Gumball Input Issue

Hi, I’m having an issue with the input memory for my gumball. A couple of weeks ago (I think) the way my gumball remembers input values changed so that it now remembers the last movement value when I click and drag, rather than the last value I typed in. I used to find it much more useful to be able to move parts around by clicking and dragging them, but then still have it remember a specific value that I last entered. I’m wondering if there is a setting for this somewhere or if this is a bug or even just a new type of functionality?

Thanks in advance

Hello - this is indeed new functionality - RH-65480 Gumball: Remembers mouse dragged distance/angle/scale values for next click input


Which is, IMHO, hugely annoying! It makes me angry EVERYDAY!!! Was there a big demand for this feature? Just curious as to the reason.

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Thanks for clarifying @pascal

@dmoyes I’d be curious as well if this was something a lot of people wanted. Maybe it works for some peoples workflows, but because clicking and dragging to visually position an object is inherently so inaccurate, I just never need to repeat that exact movement. Maybe this works well while working with SubD modelling (which I don’t do very much of)?

Does anyone have any ideas of how I could return to the old functionality?

Maybe it could be a setting where you could choose which method to use?

It has been discussed a numerous times (like the topic in the link below) and several active Rhino users, myself included, think that it would be best to add a new option in Rhino to choose whether the last remembered value should be read from the manual moving of Gumball or the last typed value with the keyboard. Remembering the last distance after a manual dragging is very useful while Grid snap is turned on so that the same value could be easily repeated; however, some people prefer id Rhino remembers only the keyboard input. Both behaviours have their own strength.


I liked the old gumball, I’m not in favour of this update.

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I wholeheartedly agree.
Can’t stand this new behaviour.
I fail to see ist usefullness too, but that might be my fault.