Gumball in Rhino for Mac disappeared >>>

Hi. I’m new here.
I have been really enjoying Rhino 3D for Mac and learning a lot. Last night my gumball disappeared entirely. It is invisible or gone from every Rhino file I have. I spent several hours trying to read all I could, looking at every menu, etc. to get it back. I have already read the gumball-related posts amongst these forums. The Gumball button above the viewport(s) doesn’t bring it back.

I have the latest Rhino update and am running OSX 10.9.1.

I am stumped. Any ideas?
Thanks very much in advance.


i imagine resetting the .plist will bring it back… you’ll lose any customized preferences after doing this though and will have to redo that stuff (it will make rhino as if it was the first time you installed it on your computer)

it’d be nice to know why it disappeared in the first place but if you need it back now, reset rhino.

That fixed it. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Have a great evening.