Rhino 8 for MAC - GUMBALL

I updated from 7 to 8 on my MAC and so far I am struggling with some of the updates.

When I select an object my GUMBALL displays like normal. If I make one move or adjustment with the GUMBALL it disappears so I have to unselect the object and reselect it each time to get the GUMBALL to reappear. Is anyone else experiencing this? What am I missing.

can you post a video of what is happening and run the systeminfo command in rhino and post the results here please?

Sorry its a short video, had to keep it under 20mb.

pls update to the latest SR and see if the problem persists. There was a bug when with Gumball not showing when multiple docs were opened, see RH-77645 Gumball: Disappears when opening a second document

Now it won’t let me run an update. Switching to 8 so soon was a mistake.

You can download the latest release here and the latest service release candidate here.