Accidentally deleted Gumball!?!


I’m using Rhino 5 for mac and I did something I hope is somewhat easily reversed. In Gumball settings, I accidentally reduced the Gumball radius to “0”, which made it promptly disappear. I can’t find it to right click on to get back to the menu! Is there a way to access this setting through a command line or menus, and without actually clicking on the “bunny tail”?

Incidentally, I did this trying to get the Gumball to stop automatiacally setting its origin to wherever I clicked. When I would click on a control arrow to move an object, it would set the origin to wherever the mouse had clicked as opposed to keeping it where the Gumball was initially set. Any help with that would be great as well!


go to the “modeling aids” tab, gumball subtab, click “restore defaults”

I don’t have the “_options” command. Is there a way to het there through the menu bar or tool pallet?


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This is what I have under “Modeling Aids”. There’s no Gumball sub-tab.

Hi - please run the GumballSettings command to get access to these options.

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It’s BACK! Thank you SO much for that. That command worked perfect. Thanks!