Gumball object snap doesn't work

I’ve used rhino for windows, but i got new macbook, but rhino for mac doesn’t work with gumball perfectly. Nothing is problem, but only gumboil object snap on rhino for mac.

I always used to move the objects with gumball snaps on rhino for windows, but it doesn’t work on mac rhino.
what should i do?
Is there anyone who knows the problem?

I am not sure what you are trying to do, but Gumball works well in MacRhino.

I can move copy extrude all with gumball. I can reposition the gumball and then reset it to original position.

What do you need to do with gumboil? Use CMD key instead of control for Mac, maybe that is the issue?


Check the Gumball settings. Click on the circle of Gumball. Make sure that the snap projects both disabled.

i am not sure why Rhino 7 had smooth gumball instead of snappy. I hope this helps.

Under Preferences go to Modeling Aid> Gumball> under that menu turn smooth gumball and click Snappy.