Grouping sucks without open group command

I use grouping a lot and I really miss the open group command ala 3dsmax.
Why? Groups are great but suck for many selection modes that can’t select objects within groups without ungrouping first. Take sel boundary. I don’t want to ungroup a 100 grouped groups which means you have to drill down to get to them finally. If I could open all those groups and select what I need via sel boundary it would be so nice. I don’t want to ungroup and then have to regroup tons of objects.
Maybe a toggle can be introduced to select within groups or better just create an open group command.

Hi RM - see if this does you any good at all for now - very quick and dirty (e.g. close the group before closing the file or the grouping will be lost forever, as it currently works) but maybe on the right track (1.5 KB)
Currently expects the group and only the group, to be selected, else it lets you choose from a list. (780 Bytes)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

@3dsynergy updated here - maybe a teeny bit smarter this way.



Hi Pascal,
You Da Man to put it in native vernacular!
I just used your scripts on a huge group they allowed me to do what I needed and saved me tons of time. These will become regulars in my modeling arsenal similar to your Isolate.
I hope these scripts become part of Rhino’s native commands.
Thank you for your quick help,

Hello Pascal! A late thanks for that script - works also in R8.

I hope that, too!

I like editing groups with other objects in the model either locked or hidden, so I use
'_invert _Lock _Pause _SelAll _Ungroup
! _Ungroup _Pause _SelLast _Isolate

then close back up
'_Selall Group Unlock
'_Selall Group Show

I wish this kind of group editing is native for Rhino, just like how SketchUp does.