Command Macro Conundrum to make 'group editing mode'?

'_Isolate SelAll Ungroup
It hides the selected group as well.
'_Isolate Ungroup
It isolates the selected group, but it doesn’t ungroup even though I see Command: Ungroup in command line.

How would I create this ‘group editing mode’ using Isolate?

Eventually, I tried '_Invert Hide SelAll Ungroup. (I also have '_Invert Lock SelAll Ungroup) It does what I want, but it takes a few more seconds to select invert and hide because the model is very big. Isolate is quick, and I’m hoping how to make this ‘group edit mode’ by command macro, using Isolate.

Of course I also have macro commands to group back and unhide/unlock others. However, this isn’t perfect. If I have groups in a group, I can’t have the large group back after I’m done editing the inside group. Any good ideas to solve this?

I see Rhino team always responds groups is a selection and use Shift+Ctrl to select sub objects, but it won’t work when there are so many things going on in the model, especially for an architectural model with a huge set of fixtures, furniture, light fixtures, etc.