Group select and edit properties of walls (and other va objects)

Can we apply vaProperties to groups of walls?

  1. I am group selecting a set of walls to change the height of all of them at once, but it only changes one at a time.

  2. Whichever wall is being edited, whether I have selected only one or a group, doesn’t stay highlit when it’s being edited with properties, so I there isn’t a visual cue to indicate what element is being changed.

Hi @djhg,

  1. Yes, you should be able to change the height of a selection of multiple walls at once. You can do this from the Properties panel, after selecting the wall icon:

  1. Do you mean in the VisualARQ Properties dialog, (the one that opens after running the vaProperties command and selecting an object) ?. The object doesn’t highlight but there is no need to it, since it is the only object that appears in the preview of the Properties dialog. The changes you do on its properties should appear in the preview.