Change height of multiple walls at once

Hi everyone

I’m currently trying to adjust the height of multiple walls. Is there a way to select them and change their height quickly, or do I have to change the properties of every single one individually?
They have different thicknesses.

Thanks in advance for your replies :slight_smile:

Hi Marek,
You can change the height of multiple walls at once by selecting them, and from the properties panel, select the wall icon, and change the height.

Hi Francesc,

And is it possible to change multiple height wall at the same time (for example when a level height is changing).

For example i have to wall with 0.2m difference iwan’t to add to both 1m.

Hi @flavien.bessiere applying an increment of height to a multiple selection of walls is something that can be only achieved through Grasshopper, using the Update Property component. Find attached gh file to do it.

Increment Wall height

Increment Wall (14.7 KB)

Thanks for this solution. I will deal with this for the moment. Do you know if there is a way to trigger the update property button (via HumanUI for example).

Hi Flavien, I don’t know if you can trigger the update property button with Human UI or with another method.

Hello there,
Maybe the simpliest idea is to have a special style? And to have all walls with heights “by style”? And to change their heights just by modyfing the style?
I know, it makes no sense with a lots of styles, and this is why some time ago I asked about a kind of “family” of styles. This way you could have one “parent” definition, with all desired parameters, and a set of “children” styles with different heights (or any minor modifications). All the rest could be inherited just “by parent”…
Cheers, Jaro