Selection of wall extend start points

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble editing walls. Quite often, the path control points or extend start points are within or above another geometry like a curve. In these cases, it is impossible to select extend start points. Sometimes I end up scaling a wall in order to edit its length. That´s not a satisfying procedure if there are doors placed in the wall.


It would be a huge improvement, if wall edit points could be selected regardless of other geometries nearby. If a wall is selected and I try to “catch” a extend start point, other geometries should be ignored IMHO. Is something like this possible?

Hello @david.adam,

Could you send me a gif/video/file where you are reproducing the issue? I tried, but it is working fine to me:


Hi @david.adam,

I’m sorry but I couldn’t reproduce it yet. Could you send me the file (or the part of it where this issue can be reproduced) to Which VisualARQ version are you using?

Hi @alfmelbev
I`m using the latest Visualarq version 2.11.3.
I´m working with a big file, so I deleted everything except of one wall and curve. After this the issue does not occur any longer. The issue seems to occur only in large files. Unfortunately, I´m not allowed to share some data included in my file so I cannot send you the complete file.

Hi @david.adam,

Ok, I’ll try to reproduce it in a large file in that case. Please, let me know if you find out more information about this issue.