Walls deselect after any properties edit

I’m changing the properties of a group of walls. Each time I make an edit to a property in the properties editor, the walls deselect and I have to select them all over again to edit the next property. Current Va on RHino6.

why don’t you isolate your group of walls, and then make the changes, so that the selection would be a lot easier ?

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’d still have to reselect the walls after every edit, which seems like an unnecessary step.

Since I don’t think that there is a “Save Selection” command in rhino,
I would suggest you to move all walls into one specific layer, or put them a similar color, then by the command “Sellayer” or “Selcolor” you can select all of them at a glance!
Good Luck!

Thanks for the work-arounds. They’ll help in the meantime.

I’d prefer they stay selected while editing properties though, like other Rhino objects.

Good Luck! :+1:t4:

Hello @djhg

If you change the properties in the Rhino properties panel > vaWall tab, instead of running the _vaProperties command, they should remain selected while making the changes.

They don’t. This is where I am having the problem.

Hello, do you have the last VisualARQ version? Does it happen in every document?

It seems to happen only on this one project for one reason. I’ll live with it unless it becomes a problem everywhere.

Ok, in that in case it might have something to do with the Rhino settings of that document. Maybe restoring the default settings or changing the objects to a different file could solve the problem.

NamedSelections is a feature in Rhino 7


Sidenote: there is, Export Selected, in the File Menu.

Yeap! But the function is completely different.

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