Group License

Hello! Im currently setting up a group license for my classmates and I. Once I pay for the group license, how do I give access to all the other people in my group, and how do the license keys work? Thanks!

Whaddaya mean for your classmates? Are you a school IT admin?

I’m a student. Our school doesn’t provide us with Rhino but requires us to have it, so we made groups to get the group student discount.

Uh…what? What group student discount? There’s no such thing.

Only schools are allowed to buy the lab licenses, and additional individual licenses that can be sold to students for even less than the regular student price.

It’s showing now that I can buy a lab license as a student.

Uh the form might work but they’re gonna ask for a PO from the school or equivalent…or they’re not gonna be in the Rhino sales business anymore.

You qualify to order a single‑user educational license

In the area where you can buy Rhino, there’s a section that applies to students buying lab licenses.

No, there isn’t…



This is unfortunately typical…

What you might be able to do:

Find a school IT admin or department head who is sympathetic to your cause. With the money you collect from your ‘group’, you should be able to pay for the school’s purchase of a lab license - it costs more or less the same as 5 individual licenses. If you have more than 5 people, you will then pay less. You will of course need to convince the IT person to create a Rhino account and install the license there and manage the ‘team’. But it’s really not much work. Offer to take them out for beers or whatever…