Educational lab license for (short term) student projects

I could not find clear info or very recent info regarding this topic. I am looking if it is possible that my school gets a lab license and that I can temporary give students (for the duration of a semester or quarter) access to this license. If this is possible, what are the steps to take?

The main reason I need this is because our curriculum is changing and there will be students in one quarter or semester that need to work with Rhino and might also need to work with it in the next year. So the trial is not an option. Purchasing a student license should remain optional preferably.

Do they need access to the Lab license from home?
If so, then they would create a Rhino login (email address and password), you would create a license Team, add the license to the Team, and invite the students to join the Team.
When the quarter/Semester is over, as Owner/Admin of the Team, you would remove them and add the next bunch of students.

If you want to keep the lab license inside of the school firewall, then use the LAN Zoo.

Here’s a link to all the options from the Support page:

Click on “Help me decide…” for a Wizard to step you through the details.

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this sounds perfect @John_Brock , I’ll discuss this with the IT department, many thanks.