License for Rhino


I wanted to bring forward a request for the Rhino licenses. I understand you are supposed to buy licenses for Rhino to be using it or can use the license for a trial period of only 3 months. What I would love to see is a monthly/a quarter year/even yearly subscriptions for the licenses. It would be great for newly graduates and freelancers who are on limited budget to still use the amazing software for few months as required.

As far as I know subscription model is not being considered at the moment, and there are no plans to either.

If you buy a student license while you are a student at the very attractive (for a professional level tool) student price you can continue to use it for as long as you like for whatever purpose you would like including commercial work. If you want to upgrade to a later version after you are no longer a student you will need to pay the full upgrade price and will then have a full version.

Most Rhino users who are voice an opinion are the type to be super-duper against subscription pricing, even though software is quite obviously a “service,” whether you pay for it like one or not.

Anyway, so not only can you get the student version for a ridiculously low price, your school can sell it to you for an even cheaper price, plus your school can distribute their lab licenses as floating student licenses while you are there…so there are plenty of options theoretically available.