Need help with student license

Sorry if this comes off as rambling, but I have so many questions.

I want to buy a license for Rhino, using the student discount. The “buy” page notes that you need to provide proof (like pictures of your academic id), but I can’t find any link to a form that will let me do that. I don’t know how to send proof of my student status. In addition, I was confused about the state of the software. What I mean is; can I do the purchase entirely online or do I have to go to some shop and get a physical license key? I’m confused about that part.

It’s entirely online. There are no shops. I don’t know if you are trying to buy directly from McNeel, if so perhaps someone in sales can help… If I understood correctly, you first need to complete the buy action and then you will get asked for your proof. They will verify it so it may be a couple of days before your license key is sent to you (via e-mail).

If you are buying from a reseller, they should have instructions, if not, call or e-mail them.

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Thank you very much. That cleared up things for me.