Is it possible to make a ground plane gradient?

I’d like to make the ground plane (object, or cycles ground plane) to have a gradient so it softly disappears into the background. I’ve tried using a blend material where one material is something solid, like a concrete texture, and the other is a .png with a transparency that is 100% opaque in the middle, and transparent on the outside. Using this method, the texture softly disappears, but the reflections do not and there
remains a hard edge in the rendering. Is there another way to achieve this look in the cycles rendering engine?

Untitled.3dm (627.7 KB)

Run a shadow only groundplane with a Gradient background setting:

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Sorry for the confusion but that’s not quite what I’m asking–I’m aware of the gradient background as I already have it in my file. I’d like to use a texture map of the ground plane that blends into the background around its edges.

See below for a photoshopped version of what I’m looking for.

Hi @Marc_Roberts ,

Use a black and white image in the Alpha channel (Opacity in a PBR) and you can make it fade to transparency. I used a texture included in the Rhino Material library here but it’s just a white dot blurred on a black background. This method lets you control more in the material versus a shadow only ground plane object but you have to make and scale the planar surface relative to the model and camera lens length. You were really close thinking about the ground plane object as a circular surface. This is essentially the same thing but with a fuzzy border, make a custom blurred image for more of this effect.

Fade_Ground_bj.3dm (9.8 MB)


yes! thank you! so close, yet so far.

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