Grid Snap + Grid Properties not responding

There seems to be a bug with the latest Rhino for Mac with Grid Snap + Grid Properties. Data can not be entered in the Grid Snap field and when changes are made to the Grid Properties those changes are not reflected in the grid.

This will be fixed in the next WIP release.

I have this issue too: I can´t setup the grid. Actually, I can enter numbers, but the grid is not displayed at all.

Version: 2013-12-23 (493)

run the Grid command and make sure the ‘show grid’ box is checked… if that doesn’t fix it then you’ve possibly altered the setting for your viewport style in Preferences->Display Mode… there are lots of options in there but for starters, i’d say click on ‘shaded’ in the left panel then click the little gear icon at the bottom and choose revert to default value…

then go back to rhino and set the viewport to shaded mode (ctrl-cmmd-S) …does the grid appear after doing that?

[edit]- also, make sure it’s not a matter of being zoomed out so far that you can’t see the grid.

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