Grid invisible when opening Rhino

I’m a new user. I’ve been working in Rhino for a few days now but sometimes, when I start up the program, the grid is gone. All the ribbons with buttons are available but there is no visible grid, nor do I see anything I build. The only solution I can find to the problem is reinstalling the whole thing.
How can this problem be solved?

what happens when you use the command 4View? also i am not fully sure, but i believe there was some bug a while ago. if you have updated recently that should be resolved. i also saw such hick ups, but only in certain files. not sure i saw that recently.

Hi - You write that this happens sometimes. Do you see any pattern in this behavior?

Hi Wim

This happens when I haven’t used Rhino for a few days to a few hours even. One extreme example: I used it once at 10am and then quit the program, and then when I open it at 6pm the grid is gone.


Hi Henri - are you opening a specific file or just launching Rhino?
Also, when this happens, when you then exit Rhino and start it again, is that problem still there?