Grid color in detail view

Hi all.

Is it possible to change grid color and thickness in detail view?
I want to use Rhino’s grid for drawing. But it appears too light and thing while print. And I can’t change this appearance. All the changes take effect on model tab only. And I need them on layout too.
Thank you.

Hi Screamer -

There is no grid on layouts and the grids in the details are only visible when a detail is active.
For printing, you can select the Visibility -> Grid option.

I see that there is no difference in minor and major grid lines when using that option.
That issue is on the list as RH-43361 Add color and width printing controls for Grid - and applies to both printing from layouts and from model space.

An alternative to this might be to create your own grid on a separate layer with real lines and give them the colors and linewidths you want. You can turn the layer on and off as needed for details; you could also make various template files with different grids to import into your project as needed…

Yes, that’s exactly what I need. Thank you. Will wait until it’ll be fixed.

Actually, I’m just trying to avoid additional geometry (it was a previous approach) and want to use Rhino’s possibility.
But no luck at the moment.

Just a suggestion for a workaround that you can use right now while waiting for the fix…

Yes, thank you for the idea. I even was using planes as grid to have associated lines in different projections. But it adds unwanted additional geometry.
I’m just thinking now is it possible to edit resulting pdf to make it completely b&w but not shades of grey?